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Simply defined, diversity is the state of being diverse or different.

Human diversity exists where there are differences in human characteristics such as gender; age; ethnicity and race or nationality; religion; social status and degree; sexual orientation; disability and health; or any other differentiating physical characteristics.

Often discussed as a political or sociological concept, diversity is a complex issue that presents a significant challenge to businesses around the world, whatever their size.

It’s all about inclusion – and inclusion comes from feeling part of the majority group, regardless of where you are in the organisational structure of the company.

Unfortunately diversity is still seen by most as a threat. But it needn’t be. At Vision Enabler we see diversity and inclusion as a powerful opportunity, to be harnessed and maximised through an efficiently designed diversity strategy.


A successful diversity strategy creates an environment where all members of the organisation can work to their full potential, regardless of their human characteristics.

It is therefore all about diversity and inclusion, performance and leadership.

Diversity and inclusion, performance and leadership

An efficient and inclusive diversity strategy will help you drive better business performance through the talent base of your organisation, enabling you to maximise workforce recruitment, integration, innovation, potential and creativity.

A diverse workforce is just the first step, it has to be followed by the creation of an inclusive work environment.