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How we can help

Vision Enabler is a diversity-consulting firm, and a leading advisor on diversity-powered performance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help global organisations improve their performance and organisational capability by taking advantage of their diverse workforce.

What we do

We help organisations turn the common understanding of social diversity into a business advantage, improving performance by designing inclusive, highly effective diversity strategies.

We reveal and unlock diversity's potential, delivering ground-breaking insights about its economical potential. We provide a platform and framework within organisations to improve financial performance through the capabilities and talent base of your diverse workforce.

We are experts in the field of diversity, working with some of the most forward thinking companies in France (CAC 40) and in the UK (FTSE 100).

Our Approach

At Vision Enabler we are committed to a few simple principles:

  • We lead with questions, not answers
  • We engage in dialogue and debate, not coercion
  • We conduct analysis, without blame
  • We build mechanisms that turn information into facts that cannot be ignored
  • We turn insights into clear points of action

Our Methodology

We have developed an insightful frame of reference for all strategic and operational decisions to help our clients put their vision into action. These decisions form the basis of a plan of action - starting with your key stakeholders and ultimately impacting your entire organisation.

Diversity is a tremendously complex issue and because all organisations have different needs, we help you to define your diversity themes and select processes relevant only to your organisation. This allows us to design tailored working programmes and offer bespoke, end-to-end business solutions.

3-step approach

Our three step process helps you:

  • Step 1: define your strategy using benchmarking
  • Step 2: execute your action plan using training
  • Step 3: deliver change by measuring the impact of your diversity programme

The Diversity Matrix

The Diversity matrix is simple, yet immensely powerful. It will help you to define your business priorities by connecting the diversity themes - disability, gender, ethnicity, age, with your HR Process - recruitment, training, learning and development.

Our tailor made matrix can be applied to any business theme or process, and is relevant to any organisation, anywhere in the world.

The Diversity Matrix